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Satinder S. Baveja, Director
3749 Beyster Bldg.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
PH: 734-936-2831

Kimberly Mann
Research Proc. Coordinator
3820 Beyster Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121
PH: 734-763-6985
Fax: 734-763-1260

Overview Areas of Specialty
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) program at the University of Michigan comprises a multidisciplinary group of researchers conducting theoretical, experimental, and applied investigations of intelligent systems. Current projects include research in rational decision making, distributed systems of multiple agents, machine learning, reinforcement learning, cognitive modeling, game theory, natural language processing, machine perception, healthcare computing, and robotics.

Research in the Artificial Intelligence laboratory tends to be highly interdisciplinary, building on ideas from computer science, linguistics, psychology, economics, biology, controls, statistics, and philosophy. In pursuing this approach, laboratory faculty and students work closely with colleagues throughout the University. This collaborative environment, coupled with our diverse perspectives, leads to a valuable interchange of ideas within and across research groups.

Faculty  (Show All)
Abernethy, Jacob
Baveja, Satinder Singh
Corso, Jason
Deng, Jia
Durfee, Edmund H
Essl, Georg
Kuipers, Benjamin
Laird, John E.
Lee, Honglak
Mihalcea, Rada
Mower Provost, Emily
Olson, Edwin
Pollack, Martha
Radev, Dragomir
Sakallah, Karem A.
Schoenebeck, Grant
Syed, Zeeshan H.
Wellman, Michael
Wiens, Jenna

Affiliated Faculty
Abney, Steven
Atkins, Ella
Balzano, Laura
Cafarella, Michael
Eustice, Ryan
Hero, Alfred
Holland, John
Johnson-Roberson, Matthew
Lewis, Richard
MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey
Mei, Qiaozhu
Murphy, Susan
Polk, Thad
Scott, Clayton
Tewari, Ambuj
Zhu, Ji

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