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Student Life

Student Societies
Student Teams
Students in Research
Intramural and Club Sports and Gyms
Cultural Events, Athletic Events, and Local Entertainment
Explore Ann Arbor and Michigan

EECS Students are highly committed to their studies, yet somehow find time to participate in a wide variety of activities that help them make friends, serve their community, exercise, develop their talents, and take advantage of the many cultural and entertainment events happening in Ann Arbor.

Student Societies

EECS students have many opportunities for connecting with others, developing their leadership abilities, and serving their community through their participation in students societies. EECS-sponsored societies include:

GEECS: Girls in EECS
CSE Scholars: Students interested in computer science
HKN: Eta Kappa Nu - Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers
IEEE: Students interested in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Amateur Radio Club : Students interested in "ham" radio
CSEG: Computer Science and Engineering Graduate student organization

Many of our students are involved in student societies that comprise students throughout the College of Engineering. These include:

SWE: Society of Women Engineers
TBP: Tau Beta Pi - College of Engineering Honor Society
NSBE: National Society of Black Engineers
UMEC - University of Michigan Engineering Council

See a  more complete list of all the student societies.

Student Teams

Many EECS students participate in student teams that often work together to compete in national and international competitions. These include:

U-M Solar Car Team - competitive team
U-M Future Car Team - competitive team
Wolverine Soft - video game development
Walter E. Wilson Student Team Project Center - with links several student projects, including Formula SAE (M-Racing), Mars Rover, Solar Car, Autonomous Surface Vehicle, etc)
Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory
MClimber - competitive laser powered climbing vehicle

Students in Research

There are a variety of opportunities for students who are motivated to pursue research. including the following established programs:

U-M Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
EECS Spring/Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Engineering
Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems (WIMS) Undergraduate Research Program

Students are encouraged to approach their faculty advisor for advice if they are interested in pursuing research.

Intramural and Club Sports and Gyms

Students elect to join U-M intramural sports teams individually, or participate in sports and other activities as part of an EECS student team. It's a great way to have fun and stay healthy! Here are a few links to get you started:

U-M Intramural Sports
U-M Club Sports - (pictured right - Ultimate Frisbee)
Sports Facilities and Programs

Cultural Events, Athletic Events, and Local Entertainment

Ann Arbor offers an incredible variety of cultural and entertainment offerings, including:

University Musical Society - music, dance, theatre
Ann Arbor Guide to Performing Arts Events - music, comedy, dance, jazz, lectures, children's, etc
Athletic Events

Students on North Campus can also partake of regular free performances by students at the School of Music, or attend theatrical performances at the Arthur Miller Theater , in The Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Drama Center.

Explore Ann Arbor and Michigan

Ann Arbor, a city of 140,000 residents, is a beautiful city, with many parks and rivers. Northern Michigan is a favorite tourist destination of Michiganders and others throughout the country attracted to the sandy beaches of the Great Lakes, the numerous smaller lakes, and the many opportunities for canoeing, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation
Arboretum - walking distance to North Campus
Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce
Michigan's Official Tourism Site