• For questions that ask you to write ARMv8 assembly code you should use the LegV8 subset as discussed in Patterson and Hennessy, this includes pseudo-instructions such as CMP and MOV. The LEGv8 can be found on the course website at, it is the quick reference guide under ""ARM Assembly"". We will accept answers that use ARMv8 instructions outside of LEG for the homework, but on exams you will be limited to the LEGv8 subset. Hopefully this clarifies any confusion around what ARM code to use.
  • A new version of HW1 has been posted with LEGv8 instead of ARMv7 instructions. You may submit solutions to either HW version.
  • There appears to be a Google Drive outage this morning affecting the 370 site. The HW and slides have been posted on piazza.
  • Note the corrected date of Midterm 2 is Wednesday, Nov. 8th."
  • Lecture recordings are now available on the ""Lectures"" page."
  • Discussion sections do not meet until Friday, 9/15"
  • Welcome to EECS 370 F17!