EECS 373 Lecture Notes

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Topic Slides Examples Video Date
Introduction Packet 1 Course summary Video 5 Jan
Assembly and ABI Packet 2 Example code Video 10 Jan
MMIO, project, debugging Packet 3 Video 12 Jan
Debugging complex systems, APB Packet 4 Video 17 Jan
ABI, APB, and build process Packet 5 Example code and APB solution Video 19 Jan
Declarations and interrupts Packet 6 Video 24 Jan
Declarations and interrupts See Packet 6. Video 26 Jan
Interrupts and timers Packet 7 Video 31 Jan
Interrupts and timers See 31 Jan. Video A and B 2 Feb
Midterm 1 review session Slides Video 6 Feb
Hazards, setup and hold Packet 8 Video 7 Feb
Serial buses, datasheets, ADCs, and DACs Packet 9 Video 14 Feb
SPI, DACs and ADCs See Packet 9. Video 16 Feb
DACs and ADCs See Packet 9. Example code Video 21 Feb
Prototyping Packet 10 Video 23 Feb
Memory and PCBs Packet 11 Video 7 Mar
Power Packet 12 Video 14 Mar
Motors and regulators Packet 13 Video 16 Mar
Interface circuits and wireless communication Packet 14 See previous video. 16 Mar
Midterm 2 TA review Slides Video 20 Mar
Midterm 2 review in class review Video 21 Mar
Real-time scheduling and RTOSs Packet 15 Video 4 Apr

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