EECS 470: Computer Architecture

The University of Michigan
Winter 2023

An advanced course on computer architecture. Design a fully synthesizable, out-of-order processor.



Welcome to EECS 470! Lecture and labs begins on Thursday 1/5.

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Tue, Thu Noon in 1670 BBB
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Day Lecture Topic Lab Topic Deadline Reading
Week 1Thu 1/5 Class intro
Fri 1/06 Tools Tutorial
Week 2Tue 1/10 Performance, Power, ISA 1,A
Thu 1/12 Pipelining & Hazards I C.1-C.4
Fri 1/13 Build System HW 1
Week 3Tue 1/17 Pipelining & Hazards II P1 (Tue 1/17)
Thu 1/19 Scoreboard Scheduling C.5-C.7,3.1-3.3,3.10
Fri 1/20 Debugging FSMs
Week 4Tue 1/24 Tomasulo Scheduling P2 (Mon 1/23)
Thu 1/26 Precise Interrupts 3.8-3.9, 3.13
Fri 1/27 Git + More Testbenches HW 2
Week 5Tue 1/31 P6 Case Study P3 Checkpoint (Tue 1/31)
Thu 2/2 MIPS R10K Case Study 3.11
Fri 2/3 Writing Scripts
Week 6Tue 2/7 Memory Disambiguation
Thu 2/9 Instruction Flow
Fri 2/10 SystemVerilog P3
Week 7Tue 2/14 [Slack] Project Proposal
Thu 2/16 Review / Proposal Meetings
Fri 2/17 [No lab] HW 3
Week 8Tue 2/21 Midterm (7-9 pm)
Thu 2/23 Wide Instruction Flow
Fri 2/24 [No lab]
Week 9Tue 2/28 Spring Break
Tue 3/2 Spring Break
Fri 3/3 Spring Break [No lab]
Week 10Tue 3/7 Caches I Milestone 1
Thu 3/9 Caches II
Fri 3/10 [No lab]
Week 11Tue 3/14 Prefetching
Thu 3/16 Virtual Memory
Fri 3/17 [No Lab] HW 4
Week 12Tue 3/21 Multiprocessors I
Thu 3/23 Multiprocessors I Milestone 2
Fri 3/24 [No lab]
Week 13Tue 3/28 Simultaneous Multithreading
Thu 3/30 Data Level Parallelism
Fri 3/31 [No lab]
Week 14Tue 4/4 TBA
Thu 4/6 TBA Milestone 3
Fri 4/7 [No lab]
Week 15Tue 4/11 TBA
Thu 4/13 TBA
Fri 4/14 [No lab] Final Project Due
Week 16Tue 4/18 Project Presentations HW 5
Week 17Tue 4/27 Final Exam 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM