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EECS 470 Exams

Se the course schedule for exam dates. Exams are closed book/notes. You may use a calculator. Cell phones, laptops, etc. are prohibited.

If you cannot make the exam, or require special arrangements, see Prof. Wenisch in advance.

The exam covers all the material discussed in the lecture notes and the readings. There will be a series of questions, similar to the homework, that test your knowledge of topics covered in the class. In addition, there will be a design question that asks you to apply the principles you have learned in the class to solve a problem that we have not discussed in class.

Below, you will find past exams from 470 (some of which have solution keys). In these exams "Tomasulo I/T1" corresponds roughly to the Tomasulo architecture we studied, T2 to the P6 microarchitecture, and T3 to the MIPS R10K.


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