< EECS 470 Fall 2017

EECS 470 Project

The 470 project handout is available here. All groups are required to use Git to assist them in sharing & revising their code. The repositories will be hosted on Bitbucket, and should have been created for you already.

Report guidelines

Reference Materials

Alpha 64 ISA subset for 470 PDF
Alpha architecture handbook PDF
Sample reservation station V
Sample priority encoder V
Sample priority selector V
Better PS - wand _sel V
Better PS - test_psel_gen V
Better PS - psel_gen V
Sample wired OR V
Decaf470 Compiler GZIP
mult.s without loads or stores Unknown
Better build system


October 2Project handout
October 11Project proposal due
November 2Milestone 1
November 19Milestone 2
December 10Project code due
December 12Presentations/Report due