Statement about Honor Code

The following memo was sent by Professor J. Stein, Chair of the Faculty Discipline Committee, to all College of Engineering faculty. The policy described in this memo applies to our course this semester.

Memo from Professor Stein about Honor Code in the College of Engineering:

Dear Colleagues,

As Chair of the Faculty Discipline Committee, I want to remind you to include a written statement defining what is proper conduct in your course; and that failure to follow could result in your filling of an honor code violation accusation. You should also orally review your statement with your students.

Just as a reminder, the honor code applies to all members of the COE and, thus, I want to remind those teaching graduate courses that the above suggestion applies to those courses as well. It seems that our graduate students often don't know that the honor code applies to them as well.

Below I have included, as an example, a statement that I use in a large UG course that I teach.

Thanks for your attention.

Jeff Stein
Chair, FDC

SAMPLE Policy on Homework Preparation SAMPLE

All problem sets (home work assignments) are to be completed on your own. You are allowed to consult with other students in the current class during the conceptualization of a problem but all written work, whether in scrap or final form, are to be generated by you working alone. You are not allowed to sit together and work out the details of the problems with anyone. You are not allowed to discuss the problem set with previous class members, nor anyone else who has significant knowledge of the details of the problem set. Nor should you compare your written solutions, whether in scrap paper form, or your final work product, to other students (and vice versa). You are also not allowed to possess, look at, use, or in anyway derive advantage from the existence of solutions prepared in prior years, whether these solutions were former students' work product or copies of solutions that had been made available by me. Violation of this policy is grounds for me to initiate an action that would be filed with the Dean's office and would come before the College of Engineering's Honor Council. If you have any questions about this policy, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me.

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Last Modified: 1997/01/07