CS 589, Fall 2015: Advanced Computer Networks

Reading list:


  • Scalable SDN
  • Congestion Control
  • Data Center Fabric
  • SDN Verification and Security
  • Video Optimization
  • Network Analytics
  • Cell Core Network optimization
  • Service Chaining

    Previously covered papers are here.
    Other optional readings are here.


    Some guidelines on how to lead a good discussion on a paper: (your presentation should be about 30 min, including Q&A)

    (You are welcome to try to use the slides from the conference presentation. Be sure to acknowledge the authors in your presentation)
  • Provide additional background to explain the context of the problem. Try to explain why this paper has potentially useful results.
  • Summarize the key points of the paper
  • Pick some technical details of the paper to go through.
  • Try to come up with some questions to ask the class.
  • Go through questions that you have about the paper.
  • Try to discuss the flaws of the paper, suggest future work.

    9/08: Welcome to class! Please read the assigned papers for Thursday's lecture. Hand in a reading summary for each paper at the beginning of class based on this format. Read this on how to effecively read research papers assigned in this class.
    CTools site for this course is here.
    To join the reading groups, visit MCommunity:
    software reading group, security reading group.

    Student presentations start: choose a paper from the reading list below to present, you can also propose your own topics. Use this link to sign up before 11/4.
    (I forgot to list "IXP (Internet eXchange Point)" as a topic, please mention it if you are interested.)

    (11/10 Tu) Routing using SDN, Modeling Web QoE in cell networks

  • Central Control Over Distributed Routing by Stefano Vissicchio et al. SIGCOMM 2015, (Best Paper Award). (Morteza Noshad noshad@)
  • Modeling Web Quality-of-Experience on Cellular Networks, Mobicom 2014. (Zakaria Aldeneh aldeneh@)

    (11/12 Th) P4 and IPv4 scarcity primer.

  • P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors by Pat Bosshart, et al., CCR 2015. (Yikai Lin yklin@)
  • A Primer on IPv4 Scarcity by Philipp Richter, et al. CCR 2015. (Austin Yarger ayarger@)

    (11/17 Tu) OpenvSwitch: virtual switch for hypervisor platforms

  • The Design and Implementation of Open vSwitch by Ben Pfaff et al. NSDI 2015 (Best Paper Award). (Jeremy Erickson jericks@, Ofir Weisse oweisse@)

    (11/19 Th) new gTLDs. (Guest lecture by Alfred Chen)

  • From .academy to .zone: An Analysis of the New TLD Land Rush by Tristan Halvorson, IMC 2015.
    (Alfred interned at Verisign this past summer, working on security issues as a result of new gTLDs. He will also talk about his internship experiences.)

    (11/24 Tu) Service chaining

  • Programming Slick Network Functions by Bilal Anwer et al. SOSR 2015. (Clyde Byrd cbiii@, Benjamin VanderSloot, benvds@)

    (12/01 Tu) Web censorship characterization

    (Timothy Trippel trippel@, Matt Bernhard matber@, Shahab Tajik tajik@) (To presenters: please select one of the two papers and make sure both papers are covered.)
  • Encore: Lightweight Measurement of Web Censorship with Cross-Origin Requests, SIGCOMM 2015.
  • Seeing through Network Protocol Obfuscation, CCS 2015.

    (12/03 Th) Cellular network data Analytics.

  • CellIQ: Real-Time Cellular Network Analytics at Scale by Anand Padmanabha Iyer et al., NSDI 2015. (Chao Kong, chaokong@, Zhongjun Jin markjin@)

    (12/08 Tu) Pub sub services (Facebook operational experiences).

  • Wormhole: Reliable Pub-Sub to Support Geo-replicated Internet Services by Yogeshwer Sharma, et al. NSDI 2015. (Jun Yin junyin@, Helen Hagos, hahagos@)

    (12/10 Th) Video Streaming.

  • C3: Internet-Scale Control Plane for Video Quality Optimization by Aditya Ganjam et al., NSDI 2015. (Peng Sun pengsun@, Jiashuo Wang willwjs@)

    The final project report is due on 12/17 (by 11:55PM). Submit on CTools.