Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Want to take a course in mobile app development or one that encourages projects in mobile development? Check out these classes and feel free to contact the EECS undergraduate advising office to learn more about the mobile app development curriculum.

EECS 101: Thriving in a Digital World
From mobile apps to bitmaps, this course explores computational technologies and how they impact society and our everyday lives. Topics include: social networks, creative computing, algorithms, security, and digital privacy. Traditional computer programming is not a primary focus. Instead, mobile applications will be created using a novel visual programming environment.
Taught by Dr. Jeff Ringenberg

EEECS 399/499/599: Directed Study
Provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work on research problems in EECS or areas of special interest such as design problems. In this case, the directed study project would be mobile application development.
Taught by Dr. Jeff Ringenberg

EECS 441: Mobile App Development for Entrepreneurs
Best practices in the software engineering of mobile applications and best practices of software entrepreneurs in the design, production and marketing of mobile apps. Students will engage in the hands-on practice of entrepreneurship by actually inventing, building and marketing their own mobile apps.
Taught by Prof. Elliot Soloway

EECS 481: Software Engineering
Pragmatic aspects of the production of software systems, dealing with structuring principles, design methodologies and informal analysis. Emphasis is given to development of large, complex software systems. A term project is usually required, and can be a mobile application project.
Taught by Dr. David Chesney

EECS 497: Major Design Projects
Professional problem-solving methods developed through intensive group studies. Normally one significant design project is chosen for entire class requiring multiple EECS disciplines and teams. Use of analytic, computer, design, and experimental techniques where applicable are used. Projects are often interdisciplinary allowing non-EECS seniors to also take the course (consult with instructor).
Taught by Prof. Elliot Soloway

EECS 498: Special Topic/Mobile Phones as Musical Instruments
Focuses on the design of software to enable the use of mobile phones as musical instruments and the emerging aspects of mobile phone performance.
Taught by Prof. Georg Essl

Information on additional courses may be found in the College of Engineering Bulletin of Courses.