Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Spotlights

A number of our faculty work in the realm that includes mobile app development, either teaching app development, accepting or assigning projects in mobile app development, or working with students to develop special-purpose mobile apps for use in research. The videos below highlight four faculty as they speak about their work that touches on this area. You can read about the classes they teach in mobile app development here.

David Chesney

Dr. David Chesney teaches freshman and senior level programming courses, with a focus on engineering for the greater good. Students in his classes have created projects for mobile platforms, the Kinect system, and videogames.


Georg Essl

Prof. Georg Essl's research and teaching lies at the intersection of computing, music, and performance. His courses often contain work in mobile app development, and he is the creator and director of the Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble.


Jeff Ringenberg

Dr. Jeff Ringenberg teaches many of the courses that introduce Michigan students to computer science and programming, and is the faculty mentor for the MSuite Collaborative, a student group focused on mobile app development.


Elliot Soloway

Prof. Elliot Soloway encourages mobile app development in his senior project courses and through his famous 48-hour mobile hackathon events. He is also a cofounder of GoKnow, a company that produces mobile applications for use in K-12 education.


For the Curious...

Many faculty in Computer Science and Engineering have research interests related to mobile technology. Investigations led by these individuals can involve the processors, technologies, and architectures that will help to shape the mobile computing platforms of tomorrow, as well as the code that runs on those devices. Below is a non-exhaustive list of CSE faulty who have projects in this space. Feel free to browse their websites to learn about the projects they are working on and how those impact the world of mobile computing.

Prabal Dutta: Projects include HiJack, a hardware/software platform for creating cubic-inch sensor peripherals for the mobile phone.

Jason Flinn: Research interests include operating systems, mobile computing, storage, and distributed systems.

Z. Morley Mao: Research interests include the performance and security of smartphones.

Trevor Mudge: Director of the ARM Research Center at U-M that is engaged in all aspects of research into low power computer systems, include mobile systems.

Brian Noble: Research interests include the software supporting mobile computing systems, including networking, infrastructure, and end-system concerns.

Marios C. Papaefthymiou: Interests include energy-efficient high-performance computers and low-power architectures. He is a cofounder of Cyclos Semiconductor.

Kang G. Shin: Research interests include wireless/mobile radio, battery, processor, and security.

Thomas F. Wenisch: Research interests include computer architecture with particular emphasis on multiprocessor and multicore systems, multicore programmability, smartphone architecture, data center architecture, performance evaluation methodology.