High School Summer Camps

Week-long non-residential summer programs are available for high school students. These programs vary but include a focus on technology. Past programs have included ENGAGE and The Grace Hopper Project. The programs are administered by the U-M Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program and supported by CSE.

While at CSE, students in these programs typically learn how cell phones, MP3 players, and videogames really work. Beyond that, they learn about the contributions computer engineers and how computer science is used in solving real-world problems. Each day features hands-on activities during which campers can apply what they learn, while having fun doing so. The program varies each year based on current trends.

The camps typically include a number of trips and focus areas. Students have toured various research facilities and engaged in discussions with computer science and engineering experts using applications in medicine, security, entertainment, business, game design and more. Past site visits have included the Virtual Reality Laboratory, Internet 2 Headquarters, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Civil Engineering Structures Lab, Human Motion Simulation Center and the Radiation Oncology Laboratory.

Learn more:

- See photos from past high school programs.
- Visit WISE to learn more and access registration info.
- Contact Dr. David Chesney in CSE at .