Building Connections through Computer Science

Today, young people live in a world that is connected and enabled by computing technology. Social media, mobile computing platforms, and pervasive Internet connectivity have changed the way the Net Generation communicates, plays, and learns. There's a disconnect, however, between the savvy use of today's technology and an understanding of the potential that computer science presents for the future.

We want to engage more students and introduce them to the "real world" of computer science, a field that holds enormous potential for societal impact and progress. In addition, we want to help educators to take advantage of computer science and technology to evolve an education model that is collaborative and interactive, focused on information discovery, synthesis, and analysis, and that is customized to each student.

The programs we offer through CS Connections encompass direct interaction with K-12 students, collaboration with high school computer science teachers and administrators, and the research and development of new learning models and supporting technology for the classroom.

The Computer Science and Engineering Division is housed in the Bob and Betty Beyster Building on the University of Michigan North Campus