CS4HS 2009 Summer Workshop for High School Teachers and Administrators

Although computer science is an established discipline at the collegiate and post-graduate levels, its integration into the K-12 curriculum has not necessarily kept pace. CSE's CS4HS workshop is designed to open a dialog with K-12 educators about collegiate CS programs, their focus and requirements, so that high school students can be better prepared for a future in computer science.

Let's work together to get Michigan high school students excited about and better prepared for a future in computer science. Additionally, let's give students an accurate view of what computer science and information technology study involves, what careers are possible, and how students can make an impact on society by becoming computer scientists. That's the mission of the CSE's CS4HS summer workshop.

About CS4HS 2009 at U-M:

CSE's first CS4HS workshop took place at CSE on Aug. 26 and 27, 2009. The workshop was endorsed by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and included lectures on CS trends, technology demos, discussion sessions, and interaction with local software companies. Participants received 1.7 Continuing Education Units.

For information about workshop details or to contact us about the workshop, see the Info & Contact page.

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