2010 Computer Games Showcase Draws Huge Interest

On Friday, December 17, CSE's Tishman Hall was alive with the sound of an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 attendees trying out and comparing new video games at the 2010 Computer Games Showcase. This highly anticipated annual event showcases the final projects of computer science seniors who have taken EECS 494, Computer Game Design and Implementation. The course, which has served as a model for similar courses across the country, was developed and is taught by Prof. John Laird.

The evening began with an opportunity for everyone to play the games at computer stations in Tishman Hall. This was followed by a series short presentations by the student developers, who addressed a capacity crowd in lecture hall 1670 CSE. Attendees then had one more change to try out the games. Finally, everyone was asked to vote for their favorite games.

The 2010 Computer Games Showcase was sponsored by Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Firaxis, and Reactor Zero, all of whom donated numerous video games that were given away as door prizes to some lucky attendees, and also to the student developers that received the most votes from attendees.

Thirteen projects were shown at the showcase:

The Great Shape Escape (voted number 1 by attendees), by Adam Aleksa, Jeffrey Ellis, Joshua Feldman, Stuart VanderBrink
Gravity Clash (voted number 2 by attendees), by Benjamin Carpenter, Blaine Dietrich, John Bogusz, Ryan Resig
Kart Attack (voted number 3 by attendees), by Noah Judson, Brian Chase, Ernest Gillard
RAPTORS (so close to a tie for number 3 that it may have been!), by Daniel Ferrara, Ross Henri, James Kovacs
Time Brawl, by Brian Clark, Jeffrey Colvin, Amanda Sosne

Tower Wars, by Daniel Czerwinkski, Tony Cheng, Darren Robinson, Mark Bosko

Robot Revolution, by Tyler Sanderson, Scott Walls, Paul Daniels, Kevin Huang
Plantocolypse, by Adam Kidder, Cassandra Yaple, Yange Gao, Yilun Cui
Balloon Frenzy, by John Lafontaine, Matthew Hilk, Daniel Popoff
Dark Signal, by Michael Swartz, Joshua Musick
teUM Shield, by Alok Talekar, Nikhil Mangla
Awesome Annihilation Bots, by Michael Crowe, Jonathan Stein, Scott Dang, Mik Chiu Tan
Stir Fry Skirmish, by Adam Avery, Andrew Conrad, Kelsey Lahnala, Grant Wu

Photos from the Event

Below are photos from the event. To view or download larger photos, just click on the thumbnail image of interest.

Posted: December 20, 2010