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Pinebush Technologies Support

What does the software do?

Pinebush's HyperPlot software can be used to rasterize GDSII or MEBES data for plotting to large-format HP plotters.

Running on the CAEN network

Hyperplot is only available on the CAEN Sun platform. Under /usr/caen/bin (which should be in your search path) you will find the following executables:

Running on the EECS network

First, determine the install directory you'll be using. Then set the following environment variables in a small set-up file that you source prior to running the application (e.g. create hyperplot_setup, then at a shell prompt run "source hyperplot_setup" to set the environment). Alternatively you could place these lines in your .cshrc, meaning that any new shell will take on these environment variables. You may not want to do this if you're new to unix since debugging a mistake in your .cshrc might be frustrating. Replace instdir with the correct path.

Note: Use these same techniques to set up other tools on the CAEN network that don't have wrapper scripts under /usr/caen/bin.

set path=(instdir/bin $path)

On-line Manuals

On-line manuals are available via the help menu in hyperplot.

Installed Versions/Platforms

Helpful Links

Last Updated: 9/30/2004.