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Verisity Support

What does the software do?

Verisity Specman is a testbench generation tool that interfaces with a variety of popular verilog and VHDL simulators.

Running on the CAEN network

Under /usr/caen/bin (which should be in your search path) are wrapper scripts for the most popular Verisity applications. These scripts set the proper environment variables for you and launch the application. Available applications include:

These wrapper scripts use the version settings you select using the CAEN application swselect. If you haven't selected a version with swselect, the wrapper script will default to the latest stable version installed on the platform.

Running on the EECS network

Work is underway to institute a monthly software subscription fee for accessing CAEN software from non-CAEN EECS hosts. If your machine has already been added to the list of tentative subscribers, you can use the same wrapper scripts in /usr/caen/bin as described above. You must first obtain afs tokens with:


Also, make sure /usr/caen/bin is in your PATH setting. For example, your .cshrc file should contain a line like this:

set path=(/usr/caen/bin $path)

If your machine has not yet been added to the list of tentative subscribers, you may continue to access ECAD software installs on EECS DCO servers by following the directions below for setting up your environment to run the various tools. Note that no new ECAD installations or upgrades are occurring on EECS DCO servers. If you wish to get access to new versions, you must email gordyc@umich.edu requesting that your machine be added to the list of tentative subscribers. When the new subscription plan is in place, you will then be expected to subscribe. This applies only to Solaris users. There is no interim plan for giving Linux users access to the new ECAD installations on CAEN.

Setting up your environment to run executables NOT in /usr/caen/bin

First, identify which package it is that you're interested in and determine the install directory. Then add the following lines to your .cshrc or to a small set-up file that you intend to source prior to running the application, replacing instdir with the correct path.


source instdir/env.csh

On-line Manuals

Open instdir/docs/SpecmanDocs/VerisityHelp.htm in your browser.

Installed Versions/Platforms

Helpful Links

Last Updated: 9/30/2004.