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Prof. Becky Peterson Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award to Investigate New Materials for Power Semiconductor Devices

Prof. Becky Peterson, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was recently awarded a 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award for her research project, "Amorphous Oxide Thin Film Transistors for Switched-Mode Power Supplies." Such power supplies could potentially be used in a wide variety of wireless sensing and actuation systems, including those that deal with security and monitoring of the environment and medical conditions.  [More Info]

Prof. Necmiye Ozay Awarded DARPA Young Faculty Award for Research in Cyber and Physical Systems

Prof. Necmiye Ozay, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has received a 2014 DARPA Young Faculty Award for her research project, Dynamics-based information extraction: a hybrid systems approach." Her research will impact the safety and security of cyber and physical systems.  [More Info]

Mapping the brain with lasers

Individual parts of the brain can be activated and de-activated by shining light on the neurons, and researchers are using this ability to chart how different areas of the brain function. To zoom in on individual neuron circuits within the brain, more precise light sources are needed. ECE professor Euisik Yoon is leading a team that will design and build these new light sources with a variety of lasers.  [More Info]

Students host event inspired by study abroad experience

Amid the rushing of students, voter registration representatives and preachers, 13 students stood on the Diag Friday with baskets of food to bring a piece of their study abroad in India back to Ann Arbor. They learned the concept of "langar," which is a shared meal that emphasizes equality, on the trip organized by ECE Prof. Jasprit Singh.  [More Info]

Blue LED breakthrough for efficient electronics

In a step that could lead to longer battery life in smartphones and lower power consumption for large-screen televisions, Prof. Stephen Forrest and his team have extended the lifetime of blue organic light emitting diodes by a factor of 10.  [More Info]

Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya To Receive 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award

Pallab Bhattacharya, Charles M. Vest Distinguished University Professor and James R. Mellor Professor of Engineering, was selected to receive the 2015 IEEE David Sarnoff Award, "For contributions to near-infrared and visible quantum dot lasers." The IEEE David Sarnoff award is one of IEEE's Technical Field Awards, which are among the highest awards given by IEEE.  [More Info]

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FinFETs: A Designers Perspective

Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014
Location: FXB 1012
Speaker: Duke Xanthopoulos
Event Type: MICL Seminar

New Texture Similarity Metrics

Thursday, Oct 23, 2014
Location: 1005 EECS
Speaker: David Neuhoff
Event Type: CSP Seminar

Perceiving Action in Space-Time: Computational and Human Perspectives

Friday, Oct 24, 2014
Location: 1311EECS
Speaker: Jason Corso
Event Type:

The Robot Rendezvous Problem

Friday, Oct 24, 2014
Location: 1500 EECS
Speaker: Bruce Francis
Event Type: Control Seminar

Emerging Opportunities of III-Nitride Nanostructures: From Deep UV Nano-optoelectronics to High Efficiency Artificial Photosynthesis

Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
Location: 1303 EECS
Speaker: Zetian Mi
Event Type: Center for Photonic and Multiscale Nanomaterials Seminar

Homecoming Lecture: Computers That We Can Wear

Friday, Oct 31, 2014
Location: 1500 EECS
Speaker: Babak Parviz
Event Type: Distinguished Lecture

Evolving Embedded Systems and Their Vehicle Applications

Friday, Oct 31, 2014
Location: 1500 EECS
Speaker: Dimitar Filev
Event Type: Control Seminar


Thursday, Nov 06, 2014
Location: 1005 EECS
Speaker: Vijay Subramanian
Event Type: CSP Seminar