ECE Faculty: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Honors and Awards

Tony England  

Outstanding Scientific Achievement Medal (1973)

The Outstanding Scientific Achievement Medal is an award given for exceptional scientific contribution toward achieving the NASA mission. Tony England was recognized for his contributions to Apollo 16.

Space Flight Medal (1985)

The Space Flight Medal is awarded to Space Transportation System (STS) flight crewmembers (civil and military astronauts, mission specialists, payload specialists, and civilians) to recognize individual participation in an STS flight mission. The medal is granted for participation in initial flight. Tony England was recognized for his flight on Spacelab 2.

Exceptional Service Medal (1988)

The Exceptional Service Medal is an award for significant, sustained performance characterized by unusual initiative or creative ability that clearly demonstrates substantial improvements or contributions in engineering, aeronautics, spaceflight, administration, support, or space-related endeavors that contribute to NASA's mission. Tony England was recognized for his contributions to the Space Station.

Kamal Sarabandi  
Kamal Sarabandi  

Advisory Council Member (2006)

The NASA Advisory Council (NAC) provides the NASA Administrator with counsel and advice on programs and issues of importance to the Agency.

Certificate of Appreciation (2007)

The NASA Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Kamal Sarabandi by Dr. Michael Griffin, NASA administrator, and Senator Harrison H. Schmitt, Chairman of NASA Advisory Council. for significant contribution to the Workshop on Science associated with the Lunar Exploration Architecture.

Certificate of Recognition

Mahta Moghaddam   Mahta Moghaddam
  • For Cassini Program, Cassini Radar Team (1997).
  • For single-chip high-density FPGA implementation of the SAR azimuth prefilter (2003).
  • For dual low-frequency radar for soil moisture under vegetation and at-depth (2004).
  • For dual frequency stacked-patch array for large aperture antenna feed (2004).
John Whitaker   John
  • For the creative development of a technical innovation which has been proposed for publication as a NASA Tech Brief (1990).
Ken Wise   Ken
  • For Creative Development of Technology, Microminiature Gas Chromatograph (1974).
  • For Innovative Development of Technology, Integrated Gas Flow Controller (1987).

Group Achievement Award

The Group Achievement Award is given to either a group of Government employees or a group comprised of both Government and non-Government personnel for an outstanding accomplishment through the coordination of many individual efforts which have contributed substantially to NASA's mission.

Mahta Moghaddam   Mahta Moghaddam
  • For Cassini Program, Cassini Radar Team (1997).
Fawwaz Ulaby   Fawwaz
  • For the Shuttle Imaging Radar Science Team (1990).

Pecora Award

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the William T. Pecora Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals or groups toward understanding the Earth by means of remote sensing.

Fawwaz Ulaby Leung Tsang

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