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Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is the world's leading technology research consortium. With member companies and university research programs spanning the globe, SRC plays an indispensable part in the R&D strategies of the industry's most influential entities.

Aristotle Award

The Aristotle Award was created by the SRC Board of Directors in March 1995 to recognize supported faculty whose deep commitment to the educational experience of SRC students has had a profound and continuing impact on their professional performance and consequently a significant impact for members over a long period of time. The Award is intended to acknowledge outstanding teaching in its broadest sense, emphasizing student advising and teaching during the research project thereby contributing to the maturation of the student.

Ken Wise

Inventor Recognition Award

The Inventor Recognition Award was created in 1986 to increase awareness among SRC researcher participants of the importance of technology transfer and intellectual property protection for increasing the competitiveness of SRC member companies. The creativity and innovation demonstrated by SRC-supported university researchers allow the semiconductor industry to overcome seemingly insurmountable technological challenges on an ongoing basis.

Dennis Sylvester
Dennis Sylvester

Technical Excellence Award

The Technical Excellence Award was established in 1991 as an incentive and recognition program for research of exceptional value to SRC members. The award is intended to complement the Inventor Recognition Award and is shared among key contributors for innovative technology that significantly enhances the productivity/competitiveness of the semiconductor industry.

Mark Kushner


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