ECE Students: EECS 511 - Integrated Analog/Digital Interface Circuits Design Contest

In a course that is designed to give students critical experience designing analog to digital converters, Integrated Analog/Digital Interface Circuits (EECS 511), students also competed for prizes thanks to the support of Analog Devices. EECS 511 is taught by Prof. Michael Flynn, an expert in analog and mixed-signal circuits, and in particular circuits that transfer information between the analog and digital domains.

First Place ($1,500 Prize), 2010
"A 6-bit 10 GS/s Time-Interleaved 2 bit/step SAR ADC"

ECE Team Members: Jaehun Jeong, Seokjun Park and Dongmin Yoon (all EE graduate students) designed a circuit to handle an input range of 1.2 Vp-p with common mode. ENOB of 5.5 bit was achieved with ideal clock source and 4.5 bit was measured with a multi-phase clock generator at input signal of 4.92 GHz.

Second Place ($500 Prize), 2010
"An Energy-Efficient 9-bit Charge Pump Based Pipelined ADC"

ECE Team Members: Bharan Giridhar (EE:S), Amir Javidi (EE) and Gyouho Kim (EE)

First Place ($1,000 Prize), 2005
"A Logarithmic Pipeline ADC for Hifi Audio"

ECE Team Members: Jens Anders, Jae-sun Seo and Jongwoo Lee (all EE graduate students) designed a state-of-the-art data conversion circuit.


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