ECE Graduate Students: U-M Engineering Graduate Symposium Awards

The Engineering Graduate Symposium is a college-wide event focusing on doctoral and master's programs and graduate student research. This program is open to all College of Engineering current undergraduate and graduate students as well as prospective graduate engineering students from other institutions.


Outstanding Ph.D. Student Research Award

Scott Rudolph, EE (second place) - "A Broadband Three-Dimensional Isotropic Negative-Refractive-Index Medium"

Symposium Theme Award

Abdi Zeynu, EE:S (second place) - "Wind Farm Reactive Support and Voltage Control"

Technical Session Awards

"Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences"

Iverson Charles Bell III, EE (second place) - "Electrodynamic Tethers for ChipSats and Nanospacecrafts"

"Computer Science and Engineering"

Min Sun, EE:S (first place) - "Depth-Encoded Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Shape Recovery"

"MEMS and Microfluidics"

Ethem Erkan Aktakka, EE (first place) - "A New Process for Piezoelectric MEMS"

"Power, Control, and Mechatronics"

Koushil Sreenath, EE:S (first place) - "Nonlinear Feedback Control to Achieve Running on MABEL"

"RF and Applied Electromagnetics"

Felipe Andres Valdes-Valenzuela, EE (first place) - "On the Regularization of Single Source Combined Integral Equations for Analyzing Scattering from Homogeneous Penetrable Objects"

Mehrnoosh Vahidpour, EE (second place) - "Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Micromachined Cavity-backed Co-Planar Waveguide to Rectangular Waveguide Transition at Y-band Frequencies"

"Signal Processing and Communications"

Cem Tekin, EE:S (first place) - "Online Algorithms for Opportunistic Spectrum Access with Markovian Channels"

Antonios Matakos, EE:S (second place) - "Dynamic MR Image and Field Map Joint Reconstruction Accounting for Through-plane Field Map Gradients"

"Solid-State Circuits, VLSI and CAD"

Nick Collins and Andres Tamez, both EE (first place) - "Energy Efficient Analog-Digital Interfaces"

"Solid-State Physics and Photonics"

Brian Roberts, EE (first place) - "Physics of Metal-Assisted Light Trapping in Thin-Film Solar Cells"

Anne Marie Itsuno, EE (second place) - "Beyond the HgCdTe P-N Junction: Alternative Detector Structures for Performance Improvement"


Technical Session Awards

"Biomedical Imaging, Fluoroscopy and Microscopy"

Eric Tkaczyk, EE (first place, oral presentation)

"Electronic Materials and MEMS"

Willie Bowen, EE (first place, oral presentation)
Pierre-Yves Emelie, EE (third place, oral presentation)

"Everything Waves"

Scott Rudolph, EE (first place, oral presentation)

Michael Thiel, EE (first place, poster presentation)
Ruba Borno, EE (second place, poster presentation)


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