ECE Students: Autonomy Team Awards

The purpose of Autonomy (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) Team is to design and build a water-surface vehicle capable of navigating and performing various naval operations without any human interaction. Meeting this objective requires expertise from multiple fields for tasks such as sensor integration, control system design, hull design, and funding management.

3rd International Autonomous Surface Vehicle Competition (ASVC)
Student robotics competition in which teams race ASVs of their own design through an aquatic obstacle course conducted by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and the Office of Naval Research.

First Place (in both Static Judging and Actual Race categories), 2010

ECE Team Members: Andrew Beck (CE), David Devecsery (CE), Alex Prog (EE), Eric Rossetti (EE), Matthew Wener (CE) and Ryan Wolcott (CE and team electrical lead)


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