ECE Students: DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest

The Student Design Contest is organized by the Design Automation Conference (DAC) and the
International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) to promote excellence in the design of
electronic systems by providing competition between graduate and undergraduate students at
universities and colleges. The contest is sponsored by DAC, ISSCC and a number of
semiconductor and EDA companies.

Winning Design, 2011
"A 1900MHz-Band GSM-Based Clock-Harvesting Receiver with -87dBm Sensitivity"

Jonathan K. Brown (graduate student) and Prof. David D. Wentzloff

Winning Design, 2011
"A Flexible Wireless Receiver System with a 7b 21 MS/s Filtering SAR ADC"

John Bell, Li Li, David T. Lin, Ming-Hao Wang (all graduate students) and Prof. Michael P. Flynn

Winning Design, 2011
"Design and Implementation of Centip3De, a 7-layer Many-Core System"

Gregory Chen, Ronald G. Dreslinski, David Fick, Matthew Fojtik, Bharan Giridhar, Daeyeon Kim, Gyouho Kim, Yoonmyung Lee, Nurrachman Liu, Sudhir Satpathy, Sangwon Seo, Michael Wiekowski (all graduate students) and Profs. David Blaauw, Trevor Mudge and Dennis Sylvester

Design and Paper Prizes - One of 9 Winners (Operational Category), 2009
"Phoenix: An Ultra-Low Power Processor for Cubic Millimeter Sensor Systems"

Zhiyoong Foo (BSE EE), Mingoo Seok (MSE EE), Scott Hanson (PhD EE), Yu-Shiang Lin (PhD EE), Daeyeon Kim (MS EE), Yoonmyung Lee (MSE EE), Nurrachman Liu (MS EE) and their advisors, Prof. Dennis Sylvester and Prof. David Blaauw

Second Place (Operational Category), 2006
"A DSP Enabled Microsystem for Cochlear Implants with Hybrid LC Clocking (SDC-STI859)"

Eric Marsman and Robert Senger (both EE PhD students)

First Place (Conceptual Category), 2004
"The Economical Aphotic Sieving Engine"

Matt Hardy (BSE CE) and Kamran Kashef (BSE CE, MS Rack App/Int Math)

Third Place (Operational Category), 2004
"A Modular 32-Site Wireless Neural Stimulation Microsystem"

Maysam Ghovanloo (PhD EE) and Prof. Khalil Najafi

First Place (Conceptual Category), 2003
"A 16-Bit Mixed-Signal Microsystem with Integrated CMOS-MEMS Clock Reference"

Fadi Gebara (PhD EE), Matthew Guthaus (PhD EE), Eric Marsman (MSE EE), Michael McCorquodale (PhD EE), Robert Senger (PhD EE), Keith Kraver (PhD EE), and their advisor Prof. Richard B. Brown

Second Place (Conceptual Category), 2003
"An Integrated Thermally-Based Microflow Sensor"

Masoud Agah (PhD EE), Robert Senger (PhD EE), Yang Li (PhD EE) and Prof. Kensall D. Wise

First Place and Best Overall Paper, 2002
"A Microsystem for Near-Patient Accelerated Clotting Time Blood Tests"

Steven Martin (PhD EE), Roy Olsson III (PhD EE) and faculty advisor Prof. Richard B. Brown


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