ECE Students: ISPD Clock Network Synthesis Contests

The contests held at the International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) focus on the computer-aided design and optimization of integrated circuits for distributing accurate 2GHz clock signals throughout a semiconductor chip with picosecond precision and subject to power constraints.

High-Performance Clock Network Synthesis Contest

First Place, 2010

Main objective of this year's contest was to minimize total power usage, which would allow the chip to run longer on battery. Contest benchmarks were based on microprocessor designs from Intel and IBM.

ECE Team Members: Dongjin Lee and Myungchul Kim (both EE graduate students) advised on this project by Prof. Igor Markov produced circuits that were four times more power-efficient than those of the second place team.

Clock Network Synthesis Contest

First Place Tie, 2009
"Contango" Program

ECE Team Members: Dongjin Lee (EE gradudate student) and Prof. Igor Markov designed a program that ran twice as fast as the programs with which it tied for first place.


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