Interested in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science?  Wish there was a way to talk to students who’ve been there/done that? Wish there was someone to talk to about issues you don't want to talk to faculty about? Come talk to a student who can help.


The EECS Department is delighted to offer walk-in peer mentoring in room 3414 EECS, across from the Undergraduate Advising Office, at the following times:


Monday 1:00-2:30pm

Tuesday 10:00-12:00 noon, 3:00-5:00pm

Wednesday 9:00-11:30am,1:30-5:00pm

Thursday 10:00-12:30pm, 2:30-4:30pm

Friday 1:30-4:00pm



Meet the EECS Peer Mentors

From left to right:


Francine Shammami is a 4th year student studying electrical engineering, with a focus in analog and RF circuits. She is an officer in Eta Kappa Nu and a member of SWE. She says, “I'm also applying to CUGS this semester, so come talk to me if you're looking for advice!”


Jason Skinder is a registered patent attorney in his last year of an electrical engineering degree, with a focus in computer architecture.  He balances his time between school, his legal practice, research for a book, and hobbies, which include brazilian jiu jitsu, golf and tennis.


Eric Moore is a senior with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, and a focus in embedded systems and computer Architecture. Eric says, “I haven’t taken an EECS class I didn’t enjoy.  I am currently taking EECS 461 and EECS 498, both of which are embedded systems classes.  I chose to double major in CE and EE because I couldn’t decide which to choose and I feel it gives me a healthy mix of both software and hardware.  When I am not studying (HAHA) I enjoy playing sports, working out, and watching Michigan sports.”


Katie Tamarelli is a 4th year student studying computer engineering.  She has interned in the IT field in a variety of different industries.  Katie is involved in the Society of Women Engineers and is also a Residential Advisor (RA) at West Quad.