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Karl Krushelnick Named Fellow of American Physical Society   Bookmark and Share

Prof. Karl Krushelnick, professor of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences, and EECS, was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society, "For pioneering contributions to experimental high-intensity laser plasma physics including the production of high-quality relativistic electron beams, energetic proton beams and the development of techniques to measure very large magnetic fields in intense laser-produced plasmas."

Prof. Krushelnick is Associate Director for High Field Science at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science, where, he states, "we have several state-of-the-art high power short pulse laser systems including the "Hercules" laser - which will soon be operational at 0.5 Petawatts (1015 Watts). One major use of these laser systems is the development of "table-top" accelerators for both relativistic electrons and ions - and the subsequent production of narrow bandwidth x-ray sources." His own research is in the area of ultra-high intensity laser plasma interactions.