Martha Pollack Receives Sarah Goddard Power Award

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Prof. Martha Pollack has been selected to receive a 2007 U-M Sarah Goddard Power Award, an award given for her significant contributions to the betterment of women through distinguished leadership, scholarship, and other related activities.

Currently chair of the CSE Division of the EECS Department, Prof. Pollack is herself a remarkable role model. She is world-renowned in the areas of automated planning and natural language processing, and currently conducts research and advocates for technological innovations to help the elderly and cognitively impaired. She is a founding member of the NSF ADVANCE Project Committee on Science and Technology Recruiting for Increased Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE), and is an active mentor to younger faculty members and graduate students (both male and female). She is tireless in her efforts to improve the lives and opportunities of women in all fields, and especially within the field of computer science and engineering.

Pollack will be honored at a special awards ceremony, Wednesday, February 7, at 4:30 p.m. in the Hussey Room of the Michigan League. Refreshments will be served at 4pm, and a reception will follow the presentation.