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Professor Kamal Sarabandi, director of the Radiation Laboratory, has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award for Senior U.S. Scientists from The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany.

Professor Sarabandi's research encompasses a wide range of topics in the area of applied electromagnetics, specifically: Microwave and millimeter-wave radar remote sensing; Antenna miniaturization and reconfigurable antennas for wireless applications; Wireless channel characterization for performance assessment of wireless systems; and Millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave subsystems and components with applications to radar imaging (collision avoidance, autonomous vehicle control, security, etc.). His work reaches into such diverse areas as global warming, security at airports, and trouble-free wireless communication. His extensive work with antennas has led to important work in antenna miniaturization, as well as new work in metamaterials for antennas.

The Humboldt Research Award is a highly competitive award granted to scientists and scholars from all disciplines whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in future. The award will be presented in an annual meeting held in Berlin in a reception given by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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