Joonki Noh and Arvind Jayaraman Honored at ASEE Outstanding Student Instructor Award Ceremony   Bookmark and Share

Dr. Joonki Noh was honored with an American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Outstanding Student Instructor Award at a public ceremony April 16, 2008. Arvind Jayaraman, EECS graduate student (now alumnus), received an Honorable Mention. Award winners were selected for their extraordinary ability and creativity as teachers, thorough understanding of their instructional field, and dedication to the welfare of their students.




Dr. Noh was a graduate student instructor for EECS 451: Digital signal processing and analysis, taught by Prof. Wakin. The course attracted 60 students from various disciplines, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, biomedical engineering, and music.

"I encouraged students to actively participate in on-going discussions, and gave them enough time to solve problems by themselves," said Noh, who also stated he greatly enjoyed teaching the course and interacting with the students.

Prof. Wakin credited Noh with being a valuable resource for the students with his friendly and approachable manner, and said "Joonki went far beyond the call of duty and demonstrated tremendous dedication to helping me deliver a positive learning experience."

Dr. Noh received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Seoul National University (2003), two M.S. degrees in EE: Systems and Statistics, and a PhD in EE:Systems from the University of Michigan (2007). He is currently a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Jeffrey Fessler in the area of imaging processing for medical applications. He is particularly interested in image restoration and reconstruction for the PET/CT system.

Mr. Jayaraman was a graduate student instructor for EECS 461: Embedded Control Systems, taught by Prof. Jim Freudenberg (Fall 2007) and Jeffrey Cook, Ford Engineer and Technical Leader (Winter 2007).

Prof. Freudenberg said he was an exceptionally talented engineer and instructor, adding, "Students who came to his lab without previous experience in embedded hardware or software left with capability and confidence. His gentle guidance and exceptional knowledge and experience were instrumental in making the EECS 461 laboratory a meaningful and relevant experience for students." Cook described Jayaraman as "an inspirational and immensely knowledgeable instructor who made a real difference in the education of his students."

Mr. Jayaraman graduated with his MS in EE: Systems, and is currently working at The Math Works, a leading global provider of software for technical computing and Model-Based Design. His background both a student and GSI in EECS 461 is directly relevant to his work at the company.