Arnab Nandi Receives Yahoo! Fellowship   Bookmark and Share

Arnab Nandi received a 2008-09 PhD Fellowship from Yahoo! to pursue his research in simplifying the process of structured data searches. His immediate research goals are to enable non-experts to use simple keywords to query complex databases and get meaningful results from the queries. Currently, such queries require knowledge of a database language, such as SQL.

"The amount of data we all have to deal with is constantly growing in size and complexity, stated Nandi. "People deal with this problem by organizing and storing their data in databases, but the challenge of easily searching through these evolving, complex structured mountains of data still remains a challenge. This is part of one of our database group's research themes, to make databases usable." Nandi works with Prof. Jagadish, and is a member of the Database Research Group.

The Yahoo! PhD Student Fellowship Program was created to recognize outstanding graduate student researchers who have exceptional potential to make significant contributions and become thought leaders in their research fields. The highlights of each recipient's award benefits include full tuition and fees for two academic years, a $1,000 gift to the recipient's academic department, an optional summer internship, and mentorship from distinguished scientists at Yahoo!

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