CSE Celebrates National Computer Science Education Week   Bookmark and Share

The United States Congress has recently passed a resolution which names the week of December 7th as National Computer Science Education Week. CSE is delighted with this recognition of computer science as a transformative discipline that drives technology innovation and bolsters economic productivity! We enthusiastically join the Association for Computing Machinery in applauding the resolution.

Citing the influence of computing technology as a significant contributor to U.S. economic output, the resolution calls on educators and policymakers to improve computer science learning at all educational levels, and to motivate increased participation in computer science. The week of December 7 was also chosen to honor Grace Murray Hopper, one of the earliest female pioneers in computing, as her birthday was December 9.

Activities in the CSE building atrium on Thursday, December 10:

Noon - 4:00 pm
Academic program information will be available at an information table in the Tishman Hall atrium. Donuts and cider will be available for all!

3:00 pm
Prof. Georg Essl will demonstrate his mobile phone music technology and will recruit volunteers to join him in a participative seasonal performance.