FunSAT Game Helps IC Designers Use Intuition to Optimize Chip Layout   Bookmark and Share

Associate Professor Valeria Bertacco and Ph.D. student Andrew DeOrio have developed FunSAT, an approach to integrated circuit layout that could help IC designers to optimize chip layout. Envisioned as a multi-player game, the approach would harness humans' abilities to strategize, visualize, and understand complex systems, providing advantages over automated computer-based layout.

A single-player prototype of FunSAT has been implemented in Java by undergraduate student Erica Christensen. Bertacco and DeOrio and working to expand it to a multi-player game, which would allow more complicated problems to be solved.

In addition to speeding up chip design, FunSAT could be used to solve other so-called satisfiability problems – classic and highly complicated mathematical questions that involve selecting the best arrangement of options. In such quandaries, the solver must assign a set of variables to the right true or false categories to fulfill all the constraints of the problem.

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