CSE Researchers Discover Security Vulnerabilities in Government-Mandated Chinese Censorware   Bookmark and Share

On Jun 11, CSE researchers Scott Wolchok, Randy Yao, and Prof. Alex Halderman released a report on security vulnerabilities caused by Green Dam, the censorware program that the Chinese government has ordered installed on all new PCs in China beginning July 1.

The report describes serious security vulnerabilities in the software, as well as evidence that some of the program's code may have been copied from another security program.

This report has generated significant media coverage; a sampling is below:

June 11, Freedom to Tinker: China's New Mandatory Censorware Creates Big Security Flaws

June 12, WallStreet Journal: Political Cues in China Web Filter

June 12, New York Times: Experts Say Chinese Filter Would Make PCs Vulnerable

June 12, PC Magazine: China's Filtering Software Contains Pirated Code

June 14, China Daily (updated June 15): Green Dam Breached, Patch-Up in Progress

June 15, New York Times: China Orders Patches to Planned Web Filter

June 15, TechNewsWorld: China Scrambles to Repair Crumbling Green Dam

June 18, BBC News: China Clarifies Web Filter Plans

June 19, New York Times: China Disables Some Google Functions

June 20, Newsweek: Control Issues: China's Internet Plan May Backfire