CSE Researchers Win Best Paper Award at IEEE ICCD   Bookmark and Share

Shuguang Feng, Amin Ansari, Shantanu Gupta, and Scott Mahlke

A team of CSE researchers that includes three Ph.D. students and Assoc. Prof. Scott Mahlke has won the Best Paper Award at the 27th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, which took place in October in Lake Tahoe, California.

The paper, entitled "Adaptive Online Testing for Efficient Hard Fault Detection," proposes an online testing framework for semiconductor in-field fault testing with a unique ability to assess hardware health, significantly reducing testing time for healthy components. The framework includes extensibility to group together pipeline stages with similar health conditions, further reducing the overall testing burden.

Shantanu Gupta, the lead author of the paper, is a 5th-year Ph.D. student in CSE. He is working on an adaptive chip multiprocessor fabric, named StageNet, that can meet the reliability threat posed by the increasing levels of silicon failures. StageNet is inherently adaptive by defining logical cores at run-time based on the availability of fault-free hardware. It can also reorganize the chip multiprocessor to create fewer large, high-performance cores or more small, low-performance cores depending on the application characteristics running on the system.

Shuguang Feng is a 5th-year Ph.D. student in CSE working in the area of ultra low-cost methods to detect and eliminate transient faults in mainstream computer systems. Amin Ansari, a 3rd-year Ph.D. student in CSE, works in the area of designing robust low-power memory systems capable of sustaining correct operation at extremely low operating voltages.

Prof. Mahlke works in the areas of Compilers and Computer Architecture. His research group, Compilers Creating Custom Processors (CCCP) was started in 2002.