Professor H.V. Jagadish Awarded a Collegiate Professorship in Engineering   Bookmark and Share

Prof. H.V. Jagadish has been named the Bernard A. Galler Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This professorship is given in recognition of Prof. Jagadish's sustained excellence in research, teaching, and service within the College of Engineering.

Professor Jagadish is well-known for his broad-ranging research on data management and data mining. He is a member of the database group within the department, and affiliated with the bioinformatics program and the Center for Computation in Medicine and Biology. He is primarily concerned with building database systems and query models so they are usable in a variety of contexts, as part of the MUSIQ project.

The database systems he is most concerned with at the present time are databases in the context of the Internet, and data management for biological sciences. For these purposes, he designed Timber, an XML database that has an architecture as close as possible to that of a relational database. Timber is able to store and efficiently manipulate probabilistic information -- data that is known to be potentially erroneous. It can be used in variety of application domains with particular data management needs not easily met through traditional databases, such as e-commerce, (automotive) engineering design, product lifecycle management (PLM) and biological information. His work with the Michigan Molecular Interactions Database (MiMI) is being incorporated into the National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics.

Prof. Jagadish came to the University of Michigan after spending more than a decade at AT&T Labs, where he headed the Database Research Department at the Shannon Laboratory in Florham Park, N.J. He is author of 37 patents and more than 150 journal and conference papers.

He is a Fellow of the ACM, and a trustee of the VLDB Endowment. Among many professional positions he has held, he has previously been an Associate Editor for the ACM Transactions on Database Systems (1992-1995), Database Area Editor for the Computing Research Repository, Program Chair of the ACM SIGMOD annual conference (1996), and Program Chair of the ISMB conference (2005). He is also currently Senior Scientific Director of the National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics, a "road map" center established by the National Institutes of Health.

Bernard (Bernie) Galler

This named professorship is in honor of Bernie Galler, who was Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan.

Prof. Galler is recognized as a pioneer in computer science and helped shape this emerging discipline at U-M. In the early 1960s he was active in developing the new communication science program, and in 1966 he became associate director of the Computing Center. His association with the center continued through 1991, spanning a period of tremendous growth and change in computer science and computing services.

Galler became a charter member of the new Department of Computer and Communication Sciences (CCS) in 1966 and headed the department 1973-75. The Department of Computer and Communication Sciences was one of the first of its kind in the country, and Galler was influential in the development of its software and mathematics curriculum.

In 1984 he was instrumental in negotiating the merger of CCS with the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department and the engineering program in Computer, Information and Control Engineering (CICE). This merger formed what is now the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Department at the University.

From 1968 to 1970, Prof. Galler was the President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). In 1994, he was inducted as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery. He was the founding editor of the journal IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (1979-87). He was also the President of the Software Patent Institute (1992).