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Assoc. Prof. Igor Markov and Prof. John Hayes have co-authored a new book with Dr. George Viamontes, entitled Quantum Circuit Simulation, which has been published by Springer.

The book describes both theoretical and practical aspects of simulating quantum circuits on conventional computers, and an innovative software system, called QuIDDPro, that can be used to describe and simulate quantum circuits. QuIDDPro can be used as a quantum calculator by researchers interested in developing new quantum algorithms and by students interested in learning quantum information processing. The software described in the book is freely available and has already been used by other researchers and students.

Development of the QuIDDPro software and the book came out of a multi-year project funded by DARPA and the US Air Force.

Profs. Markov and Hayes are members of the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory (ACAL) at CSE. Dr. Viamontes, who received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from U-M in 2006, worked with his advisors, Markov and Hayes, in the ACAL lab at CSE. After graduation, he has worked at and consulted for Lockheed Martin.

More information:

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