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Prof. Elliot Soloway is a leader in developing technology-based curricula and mobile computing for learning. Right now, he's convinced that we're on the cusp of a revolution in K-12 education – a huge shift toward interactive learning using smart phone technology tools that will change the paradigm of teaching from one based on 19th century memorization to one based on 21st century information access, project orientation, and subject matter integration.

Enabling this revolution is the smart phone. Modern smart phones have evolved into true mobile computing platforms, and kids already have them and bring them to school. What's needed – and what Prof. Soloway's research is driving – are two things: a layer of software that runs on a variety of phones to provide a homogenous learning environment, and a means for teachers to integrate this technology into the classroom.

Interest in the use of smart phones to provide cost-effective, integrated, hands-on learning that improves recall and builds sophisticated problem solving is high. Schools in Singapore, the UK, and the US are currently working with Prof. Soloway to implement the technology and modify curricula. The subject has caught the attention of both the education press and the general news media. In January alone, Prof. Soloway published articles in or was interviewed for articles in Scholastic Administrator, Tech and Learning, District Administration, EdTech, and Business Week.

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Elliot Soloway is a professor in the School of Information, the School of Education, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His research interests are the use of technology in education and developing software that takes into consideration the unique needs of learners. He is co-founder of GoKnow!, which provides MLE, the Mobile Learning Environment software for a variety of PC and handheld environments.

Prof. Soloway is also affiliated with theCenter for Highly Interactive Computing in Education, where he is working to develop technology-embedded curricula for school-based programs. He has been in close collaboration with the Detroit Public Schools and the Ann Arbor Public Schools to produce a new generation of middle-school science curriculum that leverages the affordances of the emerging computational and communications technologies to uniquely scaffold studens'' learning and support teachers' instructional strategies.