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IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section Conference
"Nanotechnology, Nanorobots, Nanobusiness, and Nanoeducation"

November 18, 2009: 11am - 8pm
Eagle Crest Conference Center
1275 S. Huron St., Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ken Wise, William Gould Dow Distinguished University Professor
Director, NSF ERC for Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS)
“Wireless Integrated MicroSystems: Wearable and Implantable Devices for Improved Health Care”

James R. Baker, Jr. M.D.
Director, Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences (M-NIMBS) Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biology”
Dr. Baker collaborates with Prof. Ted Norris in research specifically aimed at cancer treatment.

Rick Snyder
Chair of the Board, CEO, and Co Founder of Ardesta, LLC
“Nanotechnology Jobs in Michigan”

Special Talks by ECE Faculty

Prof. Jay Guo
"High Speed Fabrication of Nanostructers by Roll-to-Roll Process”

Prof. Mina Rais-Zadeh
“Resonant Nano- and Micro- Electromechanical Devices”

Especially Relevant for Students

Robert Neff
“Employment Search in Today’s Market”

Dr. Sarah Dugan
“Nano Education
The National Nanotechnology Initiative predicts that the US will need over 700,000 nanoliterate workers in the next 10 years.


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