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Amanda Funai, PhD student in Electrical Engineering: Systems working with Professor Jeffrey Fessler, has been awarded a 2010 Margaret Ayers Host Award by the Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan.

Funai's research interest is statistical signal processing focusing on regularized mapping techniques in MRI. She is working toward more accurate image reconstruction in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), one of the most common methods of detailing the internal structure of the body.

Specifically, Funai's research uses regularized estimation techniques to create better main magnetic field (B0) and radiofrequency field (B1) maps as well as jointly estimating B1 and T1 (longitudinal relaxation constant) in MRI. Having these maps enables more accurate image reconstruction in MRI. Accurate B1 maps are also used in the new technique of parallel excitation, which enables imaging at higher main field magnetization.


About the Award

Margaret Ayers Host received a Rackham degree in 1942. She studied at Oxford, was President of the Alumni Association, Chair of the Alumnae Council, member of the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics, and a member of the Rackham Board of Governors. The Margaret Ayers Host Award was established to honor her remarkable contributions as a female scholar and to the University of Michigan community.

Recipients of the Margaret Ayers Host Award will have demonstrated exceptional scholarly achievement, a sense of social responsibility and an interest in the success of women in the academic community.


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