Xin Hu Selected to Receive Yahoo! 2010 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Program Award   Bookmark and Share

CSE Graduate Student Xin Hu has received a Yahoo! 2010 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Program Award. The KSC Program provides support for graduate students who are conducting research in one of Yahoo's core research areas.

As part of the program, Xin will receive an exclusive invitation to a Yahoo! workshop which will focus on novel disciplines and important technical challenges for the Internet research community, slanted specifically for graduate students whose innovative work is just emerging.  Xin will also have the opportunity to work with select datasets through Yahoo!'s Webscope™ program.

Xin is a member of the Real Time Computing Lab (RTCL) group and is advised by Prof. Kang Shin. His research interests include computer networks, network security and sensor network. In particular, he is interested in understanding various security issues such as software exploits, spam, system intrusion, malware propagation, etc., and designing techniques to improve system security and help detection/prevention of such attacks.

Posted: April 15, 2010