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Scott Rudolph, doctoral candidate in electrical engineering working with Prof. Tony Grbic, has been awarded a 2010 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan.

The title of Scott's dissertation is "Broadband, Volumetric Negative-Refractive-Index Media." He will be addressing the three primary limitations of negative-refractive-index (NRI) media: narrow bandwidth, high loss and polarization dependence. Scott will demonstrate his work through NRI lenses, which can achieve resolution beyond the diffraction limit, ie, smaller than a wavelength. In addition to microwave imaging, Scott’s research has applications in fields of microwave communication and electromagnetic cloaking.


The Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship is a competitive fellowship that supports outstanding doctoral students in their last stages of dissertation research and writing. The award recipients will be honored at a reception in early April.

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship Procedures

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