Kang G. Shin and Collaborators Win Best Paper Award at USENIX Annual Technical Conference   Bookmark and Share

Professor Kang G. Shin and four collaborators, including his former student Pradeep Padala of DOCOMO USA Labs, and Tathagata Das, Venkata N. Padmanabhan, and Ramachandran Ramjee of Microsoft Research India, have won the Best Paper Award from the 2010 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, which took place June 22 - 25, 2010, in Boston, MA.

The paper, entitled "LiteGreen: Saving Energy in Networked Desktops Using Virtualization," introduces LiteGreen, a system to save desktop energy by virtualizing the user's desktop computing environment as a virtual machine (VM) and then migrating it between the user's physical desktop machine and a VM server, depending on whether the desktop computing environment is being actively used or is idle. This allows the user's desktop environment to be "always on," maintaining its network presence fully even when the user's physical desktop machine is switched off and thereby saving energy. This seamless operation allows LiteGreen to save energy during short idle periods as well (e.g., coffee breaks), which is shown to be significant according to the authors' analysis of over 65,000 hours of data gathered from 120 desktop machines. The authors' demonstrate findings from a small-scale deployment comprising over 3200 user-hours of the system as well as from laboratory experiments and simulation analysis that show energy savings of 72-74% with LiteGreen, compared to 32% with existing Windows and manual power management.

Prof. Shin is the Kevin and Nancy O'Connor Professor of Computer Science, and is the Founding Director of the Real-Time Computing Laboratory (RTCL) in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at The University of Michigan. His current research focuses on computing systems and networks as well as on embedded realtime and cyber-physical systems, all with emphasis on timeliness, security, and dependability. He has supervised the completion of 65 PhDs, authored/coauthored more than 720 technical articles and more than 20 patents. He has co-authored (with C. M. Krishna) a textbook, "Real-Time Systems," McGraw Hill, 1997. He is Fellow of IEEE and ACM, and overseas member of the Korean Academy of Engineering.

Posted: July 8, 2010