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Tanya Das

Tanya Das decided to try her hand at poetry when she saw the announcement about the 2011 Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest. She was "completely surprised" to find out she was selected as third place winner in the contest. Tanya said she believes engineers have a unique perspective on the world because of their training, making it natural to draw analogies between human beings and scientific principles.

Tanya will be graduating this year with her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, and plans to continue her graduate studies in electrical engineering at UC Santa Barbara in the Fall. She stated, "I have immensely enjoyed my time at the University of Michigan, especially meeting graduate students in EE and doing research with Dr. Jamie Phillips' research group in the Solid State Electronics Lab."

Enjoy her poetry, posted here.

About the contest

The Roger M. Jones Poetry Contest was established by Professor Jones' colleagues in 1977 to honor his memory and his commitment to teaching engineering students about poetry. The contest encourages engineering students to write poetry and to experience thereby the pleasure of using their creative imaginations to speak to others.

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Catharine June
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