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Al Hero

Al Hero, III, R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor of Engineering, was co-author on a 2011 Best Student Paper Award for the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). The paper, "Performance Bounds for Sparse Parametric Covariance Estimation in Gaussian Models," was co-authored by Alexander Jung and Dr. Franz Hlawatsch from the Vienna University of Technology, and Dr. Sebastian Schmutzhard from the University of Vienna, Austria.

ICASSP is the most prestigous conference in signal processing, and this year is held in Prague, May 22-27, 2011. This paper is one of 6 winners out of 659 submitted papers. [list of all winning papers]

According to Prof. Hero, the paper introduces a new tool for conducting mathematical system feasibility studies. "Some of the most important tools available to engineers and scientists are the mathematical bounds that are used to perform system feasibility studies," he adds. "These bounds predict what is and what is not possible, specify the factors that effect performance tradeoffs, give design rules of thumb, and provide performance benchmarks that can motivate (or demotivate) further investment into a technology. As these bounds do not depend on the particular signal processing, communication, or control protocols implemented, systems engineers can use these to gauge the intrinsic feasibility of a new idea or design concept. Our paper develops a novel method for specifying mathematical bounds on performance using a mathematical theory called "reproducible kernel Hilbert spaces." We demonstrate that our new approach can yield more useful (tighter) bounds in certain circumstances."

Prof. Hero's research interests include inference in sensor networks, adaptive sensing, bioinformatics, inverse problems, and statistical signal and image processing. [more research information]

He holds joint appointments in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Statistics, and during the summer holds an appointment as Digiteo Chaire d'Excellence at the Digiteo Research Park in Information Science and Technology, Paris, France. He is also affiliated with the U-M Program in Biomedical Science (PIBS) and the U-M Graduate Program in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIM).

Prof. Hero sits on the Board of Directors of IEEE (2009-2011) where he is Director Division IX (Signals and Applications); he previously served as President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (2006-07). He has received an IEEE Signal Processing Society Meritorious Service Award and the IEEE Third Millenium Medal. Prof. Hero has published more than 450 journal and conference papers, for which he has received several best paper awards, and is the author of the book, Foundations and Application of Sensor Management. He has graduated 35 PhD students, and is a Fellow of IEEE.

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