Sung Ho Park Receives 2011 IEEE MTT-S Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship   Bookmark and Share

Sung Ho Park

Sung Ho Park, an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering, received an IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Undergradute/Pre-Graduate Scholarship. The award was created to encourage future leaders and key technical contributors in the microwave and RF discipline.

The objective of Sung Ho's research is to develop antenna models for photoconductive antennas radiating at terahertz frequencies. Using the developed models, Sung Ho plans to design photoconductive antenna arrays with optimal radiation efficiency and broadband operation.

Sung Ho will conduct his research under the direction of Prof. Mona Jarrahi. Prof. Jarrahi and her group works on the development of novel high-performance terahertz sources, detectors, reconfigurable meta-films, spectrometers, and imaging systems for terahertz applications in medical imaging, stand-off chemical detection, biological analysis and atmospheric studies.

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Catharine June
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