CSE Scholars and Apple Host iOS Showcase

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Fourteen computer science students showcased their mobile app creations at an event in CSE's Tishman Hall on Friday, April 1. The iOS Showcase was sponsored by CSE Scholars and Apple Inc. and provided a demo platform for the projects students created this Winter for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices.

The student presentations included:

Spubble, by Jacob Steinerman
Draw With Me, by Alex Haefner and David Wilemski
Dodact Tiler, byZev Youra
RockPaperScissorsBomb!, by Cody Bird, Ryan Meier, and Joe Mitchell
Zydeco & CogniBits, by Alex Kuhn
XKCD Comic Reader, by Craig Belpedio
We DJ, by Scott Lessans
Turntable, by Anton Pugh
PushUp, by Dimitrios Liakakos
Trak, by Adam Hug
Cam Up, by Yi-Wei Chia

Some of these are available on the App Store today!

Posted: April 5, 2011