2013 Design Automation Conference Anniversary Awards

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This year marks the 50th year of the Design Automation Conference (DAC), and EECS faculty have been honored with several anniversary awards. DAC is devoted to the design and automation of electronic systems (EDA), embedded systems and software (ESS), and intellectual property (IP). It is also the premier conference in computer-aided design of VLSI circuits.

David Blaauw, Igor Markov, and Dennis Sylvester were publicly recognized at the 50th Anniversary Banquet for being among “the people who made DAC the premier conference for electronic design, IP and embedded systems over the past 50 years.” DAC recognized them for the following accomplishments:

DAC Top 10 Cited Author
David T. Blaauw - For being among the top ten most cited DAC authors in DAC's 50 year history

DAC Prolific Author Award
David T. Blaauw - DAC 50 Club: Has published 50 or more papers at DAC
Dennis Sylvester - DAC 35 Club: Has published 35 or more papers at DAC
Igor L. Markov - DAC 20 Club: Has published 20 or more papers at DAC

DAC Collaborative Award
David Blauuw and Dennis Sylvester - For publishing at least 20 DAC papers together

DAC Most Papers in Fifth Decade
For being one of the top 10 most prolific authors of DAC's fifth decade
David T. Blaauw - For publishing the most papers in the fifth decade of DAC's history
Dennis Sylvester - For publishing the 2nd most papers in the fifth decade of DAC's history

DAC Long (12+ years) Publication Streak
David T. Blaauw - For having one of the ten longest DAC publication streaks (15 consecutive DAC conferences 1998-2012)

DAC Most Prolific Author in a Single Year
David T. Blaauw - Most DAC papers published in a single year (2004)
Dennis Sylvester - Most DAC papers published in a single year (2004)

DAC Collaborative Award
David T. Blaauw - For Second Most Collaborative Author in DAC's 50-year history

June 6, 2013
Catharine June
EECS/ECE Communications Coordinator or 734-936-2965