Andrew DeOrio and Fawwaz Ulaby Voted HKN Professors of the Year

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Pictured L-R: Kyle Lady, Dr. Andrew DeOrio, Prof. Fawwaz Ulaby, and Ari Chivukula

Based on student input, Dr. Andrew DeOrio and Fawwaz Ulaby, Emmett Leith Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, were selected as the 2012-2013 HKN Professors of the Year by U-M Eta Kappa Nu, the local chapter of the national honor society for electrical and computer engineers. Dr. DeOrio and Prof. Ulaby received their awards from Ari Chivukula (HKN President Winter 2013) and Kyle Lady (HKN President Fall 2012) on April 22 at the EECS Department's St. George's Day Feast.

Dr. DeOrio is a new Lecturer in the EECS Department. He teaches EECS 280, Computer Programming and Introductory Data Structures. Prof. Ulaby has been with the Department since 1984 and has been recognized many times as an outstanding scholar, scientist, leader, and educator. Author of several popular textbooks, Prof. Ulaby has been teaching the core courses EECS 215 (Introduction to Electronic Circuits) and EECS 230 (Electromagnetics I).

This year begins a new tradition for the popular award. In the past, HKN selected one faculty member from the EECS department each year for this award. Beginning in 2013, an award will be presented to a faculty member from each division - Computer Science & Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The St. George's Day Feast is a favorite tradition among students and faculty. On this day (the Monday before the last day of classes in April), the faculty serve lunch to all EECS students. The weapons and dragon symbols on the aprons recall the original George's defeat of a dragon.

Posted: May 28, 2013