Six New Faculty Join CSE

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The CSE Division is pleased to announce the addition of six new faculty, beginning in Fall 2013. From contributions to big data and cloud explorations to servers and architectures, they'll help to lead and teach us as we enter a world increasingly shaped by computer science and engineering.

Jacob Abernethy
Assistant Professor

PhD, Computer Science
University of California Berkeley, 2011

Jake Abernethy joins the faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow. His research draws from the field of Machine Learning (ML), but he has devoted much attention to a range of areas, including game theory, decision theory, optimization, market mechanism design, and financial applications. He is particularly interested in how algorithms utilized in ML, such as those for discovering patterns in data, are strongly related to methods used in large-scale optimization, as well as strategies for hedging financial derivatives and setting prices in securities markets. Jake aims to explore further collaboration with researchers in Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, and Mathematics.

Posted: September 5, 2013